About Us


Melissa Pauline is a Nurse Practitioner with over 20 years in the nursing field. Melissa was raised in New Jersey and relocated to the Metro Atlanta area in 2015 with her family, after obtaining her Master’s Degree in Nursing with a primary focus on the adult and geriatric population. In the past five years, Melissa has been working in a community hospital in the Metro Atlanta area, taking care of patients in the inpatient setting.

Melissa Pauline has been in the medical field for nearly 20 years. She specializes in emergency medicine, critical care medicine and hospital administration. Before becoming a nurse practitioner, Melissa’s main focus was adult and geriatric primary and acute care. Melissa provided care in the community as well as in a hospital setting.

Why Rejuvenate U Wellness Clinic?

Whether you are going in for an elective cosmetic procedure or an operation that is something much more serious, preparing your body for surgery is extremely important. Rejuvenate U Wellness Clinic offers excellent care for your patients.

Supportive Environment

We offer a supportive, holistic environment for our patients to foster healing and overall health and wellness.

Professional Administration

We are fully staffed and have easy scheduling for patients as well as up to date medical records + documentation.

Patient Care Continuum

Our back office is equipped to manage calls, scheduling and after hours inquiries for all patient needs.


We have treated thousands of clients with IV therapy including professionals and celebrities in homes, hotels, offices and events.