Our Beauty IV Ingredients and Their Benefits:

The Myers Cocktail REBOOT Drip includes seven ingredients that provide the nourishment you need for natural beauty. Discover how each component can help you feel beautiful inside and out:

Normal Saline — Hydrate and Nourish
Normal saline consists of water and sodium chloride — two ingredients crucial to your body’s hydration. Sodium chloride replenishes electrolytes to maximize the water’s hydrating effects. It also serves as a delivery system for the rest of the nutrients in the IV. Proper hydration through fluids such as normal saline leads to a wide range of mental and physical benefits, including improved energy.

Vitamin B12 and B Complex — Maintain Energy Levels
The Myers Cocktail REBOOT Drip includes a full host of B vitamins essential to your body — vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12. B vitamins act as your body’s building blocks. They affect your cell metabolism, brain function and energy levels. A vitamin B deficiency can lead to chronic fatigue, confusion, depression or irritability. By keeping your B vitamin levels healthy, you can maintain your energy and focus to feel your best.

Vitamin C — Reduce Fine Lines
Your skin features high concentrations of vitamin C that build and protect your skin cells. By boosting the vitamin C in your skin, you can enhance its ability to restore and prevent fine lines. Vitamin C supplementation reduces the depth of wrinkles by increasing collagen formation. It also improves skin tightness and protects against sun-related aging.

Zinc — Alleviate Acne
Medical professionals frequently study zinc for its anti-acne benefits. It boosts your immune function to help your body fight the bacteria that causes acne. Zinc also has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the appearance of acne scars and relieve acne-related redness and irritation. IV zinc that directly enters your bloodstream can address moderate and severe acne.

Magnesium — Reduce Inflammation

Magnesium deficiency can result in chronic inflammation that contributes to aging and chronic disease. Low levels of magnesium in the blood have a link to higher levels of CRP, a substance in the blood that indicates inflammation. By boosting your magnesium intake with an IV, you can reduce CRP and other signs of inflammation.

Glutathione — Protect Against Free Radicals
As an antioxidant, glutathione reduces the oxidative stress associated with free radicals. Free radicals can damage or age the skin and contribute to a wide range of diseases. Studies suggest that direct forms of glutathione administration, such as IV drips, lead to better absorption than oral ingestion.