Defined as the feeling of needing to vomit, nausea can be caused by a wide range of factors — from morning sickness to foodborne illness. Whatever the cause, nausea can create significant discomfort and make it difficult to eat. When accompanied by vomiting, it can also lead to dehydration.

Our trained and compassionate nurse practitioners will arrive at your location to administer an IV for nausea designed to calm your stomach and replace any fluids you may have lost. With an IV for nausea, you can get the care you need from the comfort of your own home and start to feel better faster.

What Causes Nausea?

Like other symptoms, nausea has many different causes. Some are environmental, while others relate to an illness or medical condition. Some of the most common causes of nausea include:
Infection and illness: Many bacterial infections and viral illnesses can cause nausea and vomiting, including stomach bugs, food poisoning and ear infections.

Morning sickness: This type of nausea and vomiting occurs during pregnancy, usually during the first trimester. Morning sickness can be triggered by certain odors, foods, heat or even nothing at all.

Medication side-effects: Chemotherapy causes nausea in many cancer patients, and other medications can upset the stomach and lead to nausea as well. Reading the medication information and talking to your doctor can help you determine whether your nausea could be related to a new medication.

Motion sickness: A bumpy car, boat or train ride can cause nausea when the movement sends messages to the brain that don’t match up with what you perceive. IV therapy also can also help with altitude sickness.

In some cases, more serious medical conditions, including heart attacks, can cause nausea. You should seek emergency medical assistance if nausea is accompanied by any other concerning symptoms, such as chest pain, confusion, blurred vision or severe abdominal pain.

Fighting Nausea With an IV Drip

Even when it’s related to a relatively harmless cause like motion sickness, nausea can induce vomiting and prevent you from eating, leading to dehydration and fatigue. Your nausea could even stem JUST from dehydration. It’s incredible how quickly our bodies can shut down just when it’s lacking the proper hydration and vitamin levels. In these cases, you need to replace lost fluids and nutrients as quickly as possible. An IV for nausea can help rehydrate your body and soothe your stomach, allowing you to rest.

At Rejuvenate U Wellness Clinic, we provide IV therapy for patients suffering from nausea due to a variety of factors. When we arrive at your location, we’ll evaluate your symptoms, check your vital signs and recommend an anti-nausea IV package tailored to your needs. In most cases, we recommend our Myers Cocktail REBOOT infusion with an added anti-nausea medication. This IV drip contains normal saline, vitamin B Complex, vitamin B12, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, glutathione and Zofran, an anti-nausea medication also known as ondansetron.